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            SINCE 1999

            More effective, more novel


            CORE PRODUCTS

            Registration Number:PD20181298

            Use: Metamifop is a kind of aryloxyphenoxypropionate herbicide, which can control most annual bluegrass weeds very well. Unlike most of these herbicides, Metamifop shows an exclusive whole plant safety to rice with a high control efficacy to annual grass weeds,such as barnyard grass, moleplant, crabgrass and goosegrass. It is mainly used for transplanting and weeding in direct seeding rice fields with low toxicity, and safe to environment, wide miscibility, and suitable for other crops and lawn weeding, it is also a very promising herbicide.

            Common dosage : 10% EC, 10% WP, 20% ME

            Registration Number:PD20130139

            Use: It is an Aryl?phenoxypropionic acid herbicide and a selective herbicide for paddy fields. It can only be used for stem and leaf treatment, and the pre-emergence treatment is invalid. It mainly controls grass weeds such as barnyardgrass and moleplant. It is highly effective for moleplant, and has a certain control effect on young barnyardgrass, and also?it can?prevent crabgrass, paspalum?distichum, setaria, goosegrass, and alopecurus pratensis. It has no effect on cyperaceae weeds and broadleaf weeds.

            Common dosage: 10% EC, 20% EC, 10%EW, 20% OD

            Registration Number:PD20170044

            Use: Pyridyloxyacetic acid herbicide, can be used to control broad-leaved weeds in wheat, barley, corn, grapes, and orchards, pastures, forest farms and other places, such as cleavers, field bindweed, shepherd’s purse, chickweed, amaranth, and other weeds.

            Common dosage : 20% EC

            Registration Number:PD20171759

            Use: Penoxsulam is a conductive herbicide, suitable for rice dry direct seeding field, water direct seeding field, seedling field, throwing seedling, transplanting cultivation field, and it is safe for rice.

            Common dosage: 25 g/L, 5% and 20% SC

            Registration Number:PD20171976

            Use: It is an Aryl?phenoxypropionic acid herbicide, this product can control grass weeds such as wheat alopecurus pratensis , oat grass, ryegrass, and common bluegrass, setaria viridis and oher gramineae grass.

            Common dosage: 8% EC, 15% EC, 24%EC, 15% WP

            Use: It is suitable for the control of common gramineous weeds in wheat fields, such as bromegrass, aegilops,ryegrass,lolium temulentum, alopecurus aequalis,hard grass, annual meadow grass, polypogon, paccinellia, wild oats, ect. Poor control effect on most broad-leaved weeds.

            Common dosage: 3% OD

            Use: This product is a pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediate

            Use: This product is a pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediate

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            CONTACT US

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